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IQTELL’s New Release is Here!

IQTELLs New Release is Here!

First, our heartfelt thanks to you and all of our users who have been involved in our Beta Program.  Without your dedication and recommendations, we wouldn’t be ready to move forward with our awesome new release!


Release Highlights:

  • Outline View

IQTELL's Interface

  • EZ Processing – New keyboard shortcuts to expedite email processing for creating new Actions, linking to existing Projects, and much more!
  • Built-in Knowledge Base -A fully integrated IQTELL knowledge base – F1.
  • New Chrome Extension -Badge with Next Actions Count, auto-capture of the website name and URL directly to your IQTELL Workspace, and more. Download Here
  • Recurring Tasks (Actions) -Calendar Events will automatically be set for recurring Tasks (Actions) if set on the original task (action).
  • Remember Column Width on Next Actions - Any width changes within the “Next Actions” panel are now remembered.
  • Moving Email - Fixed a few issues related to moving email that reappears.
  • Plus, several resolved issues and enhancements.

Whistling While We Work…

Hurricane Sandy hit us hard but we are roaring back.  Coming to an IQTELL Workspace near you:

  • Further Improved Email Processing - the newly introduced keyboard shortcuts will already help you a lot, but wait until you see the expanded version of EZ Processing!
  • Next Generation Android app – we have been mentioning this quite a bit, we know.  But, it is coming!  A fully offline productivity / PIM app that also looks cool.
  • Next Generation iPhone app - we’re making great process here is well; the iPhone app will be released a few weeks after the Android app!
  • Many more user driven features…


Thanks Again!

As always, thank you for your support and ongoing feedback!

Have a question or feature suggestion? Email us at

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